What is CFL?
What is CFL?
A compact fluorescent lamp consists of a gas-filled glass tube with two electrodes mounted in an end cap. It contains a low-pressure mix of argon gas, mercury vapor and is coated on the inside with rare-earth phosphors. The electrodes provide a stream of electrons to the lamp and the ballast controls the current and voltage flowing into the assembly.

CFLs use less energy, produce more lumens and do not get as hot to the touch, making them safer as well as more cost effective.

They require no special wiring or sockets. One just has to unscrew his old incandescent bulb, screw in a new CFL, and start saving kilowatt hours.

The advantages of CFLs over regular incandescent light bulbs includes

  • Their long life – 6,000 to 15,000 hours instead of 750 to 1,000 hours
  • Savings in electricity costs, because they use 1/4 as much power to produce an equivalent amount of light.

CFLs offer a practical, cost effective and energy-efficient alternative to lighting homes.

Special terms related to your CFL:

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) of a lamp reflects how accurately the color of an object can be determined under a given light source. “LUMMAX” lamps have a CRI of 82 (out of 100), which is considered excellent for fluorescent sources and good for artificial light in general.

The Color temperature is indicated by Kelvins.
  • 2,700 K is generally called a "Warm white". It provides a light extremely similar to that of an incandescent bulb, somewhat yellow in appearance
  • 4,000 K bulbs emit "Natural" colour which is more of a pure white tone
  • 6,400 K means "Daylight", which is slightly bluish-white
“LUMMAX” CFL are produced in all of the mentioned above shades of white

The Ballast is an essential part of any compact fluorescent lamp. It provides the high initial voltage required to create the starting arc, and then limits current to prevent the lamp from self-destructing. Electronic ballast of “LUMMAX” lamp insures it quiet, stable and flicker-free work.

The Efficiency of the lamp is the rate at which a lamp is able to convert electrical power (Watts) into light (Lumens), measured in terms of lumens per watt (LPW). For “LUMMAX” lamps LPW is not less than 60.

The Life, normally expressed as ”rated” or “average” life, is the time at which 50% of the lamps in the original installation are still operating.

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